Stephen Turner, MD
Stephen Turner, MD


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Reviews (2)

  • ears pierced?

    We had our daughter’s ears pierced when she was 8 months old. We got it pierced by Dr Stephen Turner at 300 Cadman Plaza. He’s a pediatrician. His number is (929) 210-6040 Highly recommend! This was done 3yrs ago though, so not sure if they’re still piercing ears. Worth a call.
  • Pediatric oral surgeon suggestion for mesiodens?

    We just went through this with my son who had 2 mesiodens, one of which was impacted. We used Dr. Keith Lustman for the removal of the visible one and Dr. Steven Turner for the impacted one. Dr. Lustman specializes in pediatrics and is amazing, but he is not affiliated with a hospital so for the more complicated one that required anesthesia we used Dr. Turner at Mt. Sinai. He does not specialize in pediatrics, but is the chief of the department and is also amazing and came quite highly recommended.