Stephanie Minnich
Stephanie Minnich


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  • Stephanie Minnich Lactation Consultant

    Stephanie did an incredible job helping me with breastfeeding from the day of birth until our issues were resolved. I gave birth on the weekend and my hospital didn't have a consultant available until Monday. Stephanie responded to all of my frantic texts and calls while I was in the hospital at all hours. She then made 2 additional visits to my home to observe us breastfeeding. At these visits, she gave tips to ease the pain of my engorged breasts and how to overcome some physical hurdles. The best thing she did was give me peace of mind. I was constantly concerned if my baby was getting enough milk and gaining weight properly. She never dismissed my concerns and took the time to address any questions I had. Stephanie isn't just knowledgeable about breastfeeding, she also answered all of my paranoid newborn questions. Those first couple of weeks were much easier thanks to her, I highly recommend her!