Stephanie Genkin
Stephanie Genkin


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Reviews (11)

  • Do you have a financial advisor that you love?

    We had a great experience with She is located in Prospect Heights, but we have done two virtual sessions with her - an initial one to get us started and then a second one a few months later to address a new issue.
  • Financial advisor for couple with different approaches to money

    she helped my husband and I with similar issues.
  • Financial Planner

    We just spoke to Stephanie Genkin as we’re prepping for our first baby this summer. She was thorough and helpful, and honest with us about our goals and what was achievable near and long term. She charges a flat fee for 2.5 hours of complete financial planning, and for anything additional there’s a separate hourly rate.
  • Financial advisor

    Strongly recommend Stephanie Genkin . She was referred to us by this list and has been amazing. Kind, patient, professional and adaptive.
  • Financial advisor

    Stephanie Genkin is fantastic. Based in Prospect Heights.
  • Seeking financial advisor/accountant

    Stephanie Genkin is fantastic. She’s been super helpful to us. Located in Prospect Heights.
  • Divorce financial advisor

    I strongly recommend Stephanie Genkin. I believe she offers phone consultation.
  • Financial Planner for Someone Without Many Finances

    Go to Stephanie Genkin! She charges a fee that might seem high st first but it can be a one time consultation and you’ll get everything you need. No financial requirements and she makes no profit from you herself.
  • [ANONYMOUS] ISO financial planner for women/Advice

    I second the recommendation for Stephanie Genkin. She is a financial planner who is very attuned to gender dynamics around money, as well as relationship dynamics and money more broadly. She is smart, honest, accessible and helps people with a wide range of incomes get smarter about their money -- you don't need to be wealthy to benefit from her advice. I have no affiliation other than a happy client. I've also sent several friends to her, all of whom have had a great experiences as well.
  • [ANONYMOUS] ISO financial planner for women/Advice

    She is AMAZING!!!! She paid for herself in the first ten minutes of meeting with her. She does a lot of talks and workshops on women in finance as well.
  • [ANONYMOUS] Financial/Investment Adviser

    I recommend Stephanie Genkin - She focuses on women's financial literacy and offers many affordable workshops and groups as an intro to her work.