St. Mary's Church
St. Mary's Church



clothing only (new and used)

Pick up upon request

Reviews (4)

  • Are there Clothing donation bins around?

    St Mary's picks up donation bags, which is amazing if you happen to not be able to schlep stuff for one reason or another. I have had a great experience with this.
  • Where to donate clothes and baby items?

    St. Mary's on Classon will pick them up! You can book on their website.
  • St. Mary’s Clothing Drive - thoughts?

    I’ve use them many times they come right up to your doorstep and take your clothes and leave you a receipt. Easy as pie.
  • Clothing donations in park slope area

    St Mary’s Church will pick up at your apartment. Just go on their website and schedule an appointment. I just did it the other week and it was super easy. Sara