Saint Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy
Saint Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy


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Reviews (2)

  • St. Savior and St. Joseph the Worker for 3K

    Our older daughter is at St. Joseph the Worker for PreK 4 now and did PreK3 last year. We have had a great experience. The teachers are loving and kind and she has learned so much and loves going to school. The principal is communicative and they use an app for pics and such that is helpful and super cute. We also have twins with a FT nanny so the price point was frankly attractive and important to us last year. We returned despite good free preK near us bc it was a positive experience and I was concerned that the DOE Covid policies would result in more shutdowns than we could handle with 2 working parents and 2 other small children in an apt (this was before the DOE updated policies). The school has a lot of physical space, small classes and different entrances and exits so seemed easier to manage in Covid than a massive public school. Interestingly, it was also one of the only preschools with any meaningful racial diversity that we visited in 2019. We are a biracial family so this was very important to us. We are not very religious (I was raised Catholic, my husband Christian) so I was interested to see what the religious curriculum would be like. At this age, it’s very high level but does include daily prayer. When I asked around before enrolling, I heard lots of good things but also that it was more structured and academic than some more play based preschool programs and therefore maybe not a good fit for kids with learning differences or behavioral challenges. It was our daughters first experience outside of the home so we had no idea what her learning style would be but it’s been great for her. It is not the most progressive environment (still celebrates Columbus Day, for ex) but the teachers have been wonderful, she’s learned so much and made friends - can’t ask for much more!
  • 3k programs???

    My son went to St. Joseph. It was affordable, the staff was very caring, and the older kids really looked out for the little ones. There wasn’t any religious instruction at that age, if that’s a concern for you as it was for us. My son only went for one year but it was well worth it. By the time he got to k280 he was an old hand at being in the classroom.