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  • Spoke the hub camp

    I had sent my daughter to spoke the hug for a couple of years and she really love it!! They have different activities around the neighborhood, so the kids are no in a classroom all day plus the music, dance, theater lessons. Is a great place.
  • Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey

    Spoke the Hub's Camp Gowanee Union Street Review: She liked making the movies and teaming up with other kids on her projects and theirs. Her projects were more varied and ambitious the second week. i think seeing what some of the other kids tried gave her new ideas, so it was worth signing her up for two weeks. They go to the playground or park for an hour after lunch. She complains about that because it's hot, I think it's good for the kids to get a break from the movie-making and get outside, even if they aren't super active. If you could change anything, what would it be? My daughter said the one thing she would change is that she wanted the adults to teach the kids more new filming techniques and editing tricks. I think she wanted to learn how to do cool special effects, etc using a camera and editing software. The kids learned a lot from each other, but I think she assumed the adults would know stuff the kids don't, and I can see her point; isn't instruction part of what we're paying for?. I wasn't thrilled that they expected the kids to bring their own filming devices. we have an old pocket camera and old tablet we no longer use that she brought with her but I don't like the assumption that kids have their own iPhones to film on or that parents have gadgets they are willing to send their own gadgets to camp with their 8-12YOs. Also it means some kids have newer better things to film on than others, which is not ideal. if you are offering film-making you should have some gear.I can't remember if they told us beforehand we would need to send a camera. if they did, i missed it. Age of child: Film-makers Camp Based on a Summer 2017 experience
  • Review from the 2017 PSP Summer Camp Survey

    Program name: Spoke the Hub Brooklyn Frontiers Review: Loved everything. Coming up with the ideas, interviewing people, writing out the report and being an anchor. Also the size of 8 kids was perfect. If you could change anything, what would it be? The person they hired to do the filming and organize their results - who was apparently a real documentary filmmaker - was unprofessional and unorganized. Age of child: 11 Based on a Summer 2017 experience
  • Review from 2015 Summer Camp Survey

    Camp Spoke the Hub, Camp Gowanee Location: gowanus arts building Age of Child: 7 Likes: The activities were fun and her kind of thing. They made their own paper then made projects with that paper. they also did dance and yoga and went to the playground and took a trip to the botanical gardens. Also the "counselors" are adults and I think she felt well taken care of. It was kind of like having a camp run by your two crafty grandmas. What would you change? the gowns location seems a bit in the middle of nowhere, but it's near the D&D pool and I imagine they have more space there than on Union Street. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Recommend Do you have any other information to add? There were 1 or 2 boys in the group, but they sort of looked like they weren't sure what they were doing there. the activities do have a bit more appeal to girls, I think.
  • Review from 2015 Summer Camp Survey

    Age of Child: 4 Likes: Peaceful, friendly environment with warm, experienced counselors who teach regular classes to preschoolers during the year. Structured program with activities that are very age appropriate and varied enough without creating a frenetic pace. Air-conditioned, quiet, relaxed facility. Flexibility - we could do 3 mornings per week for 2 weeks with no difficulty. Reasonably priced. What would you change? Not much. It was pretty perfect for our daughter who turned 4 in July. I think by next year, though, she might be too old for the program, so that's the only reason I wouldn't send her back next year. We hit the sweet spot this summer. Would you send your child(ren) again? No Do you recommend? Highly recommend
  • 2012 Summer Camp Survey

    Camp Spoke the Hub 6th Ave & Union Day Care or Sleep Away-- DC Program: PreSchool Arts & Dance Camp (Morning) Age of Child: 4 Likes: Flexible dates, which fit schedule and budget; comfortable, sweet, air-conditioned space; small class size; homey, relaxed feel; my daughter really liked it What would you change? Despite my requests to have my daughter in a group with her friend, she was often grouped with younger children rather than the older kids. I think because my daughter is quite accommodating and plays well with kids easily, they put her in whichever group suit their numbers, but even after I asked again, they didn't make an effort to keep her with the kids she knew. The youngest counselor, a high school kid probably, who was there as a helper, was quite surly initially and more chatty but awkward as the summer went on. They could find counselors-in-training who are little more sweet and spunky, I think. Would you send your child(ren) again? Yes Do you recommend? Recommend Do you have any other information to add? Review from 2012 Summer Camp Experience