Southwest Physical Therapy, P.C.
Southwest Physical Therapy, P.C.


Southwest Physical Therapy specializes in holistic individualized care and hands-on treatments that eliminate pain and restore movement in a relaxed and unrushed environment. Not only are services available for the injured or disabled but for those who feel limited in their daily activities or are in need of stress relief.

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  • ISO: Your experience with Rolfing/Fascia release/Structural integration

    I highly recommend Aracelli Gonzales from Southwest Physical Therapy. Her mayofacial technique is amazing and it solved a long-standing problem for me.
  • THANK YOU!!! Re: Chronic back issues

    Aracelli Gonzales Recommended without review
  • (no subject)

    Southwest Physical Therapy at 255 Windsor Place, 718-396-0505. Michael and Ara have amazing hands. They are very intuitive and were a great help. We know others they have also helped. (Feb 2011)
  • (no subject)

    Southwest Physical Therapy is wonderful! (Jan 2011)