Soon Beauty Lab
Soon Beauty Lab
  • Carroll Gardens
    290 Smith St, Brooklyn 11231


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Reviews (4)

  • Looking for Hair Dresser

    I also love Sarah at Soon! I’ve been going to her for 5+ years now.
  • Looking for Hair Dresser

    I love Sarah at Soon Beauty Lab in Carroll Gardens!
  • Shout out: Outdoor haircut w/ Megan from Soon Beauty Salon in Carroll Gardens

    Just had the most wonderful outdoor haircut experience w/ Megan from Soon Beauty Salon (Carroll Gardens) and wanted to give her a shout out here. Megan has her own "studio" set up in the backyard of the salon and it was all very professional and comfortable. I thought it would be a make-shift set up w/ a chair and some tarp, but it's actually a fully-constructed, wooden open-air mini salon (single seating), with lovely lighting. Entire experience was contact-less, and Megan was really easy to work with. She also has evening hours, and the outdoor lighting really does work at night time! Be warned that the hair cut is quite expensive though (probably double what I'd normally pay!), but if you're like me & worried about getting an indoor haircut, and this is the only professional haircut you're getting in all of 2020 (and maybe through the first half of 2021?), it could be worth it! Not affiliated w/ the salon or Megan, just thrilled I was finally able to get that outdoor haircut :) Edit: Entire *payment* experience was contact-less, obviously the haircut wasn't ;)
  • ISO local

    I love Soon Beauty Lab (location on Smith St in Carroll Gardens) and go to Megan who's amazing, but everyone really seems great.