Sole's Playtime Inc
Sole's Playtime Inc



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  • Review from the 2018/2019 PSP Daycare, Preschool, PreK, Kindergarten Survey

    We chose this facility because it is a 5-minute walk from our apartment and very (VERY) reasonably priced. It has perfect hours for our needs (8am-6pm) and all meals and snacks are provided. The two full time employees are fantastic and provide excellent care for our little one. The main challenge has been communication. We get no photos/updates ever, unless specifically requested. The director can be defensive when asked how things are going or why things are done a certain way. All that said, my daughter runs in every day without a second look back at us, and says the teachers/other children's names all the time. She has flourished there in every type of development. We are overall happy with our experience. About the facility: Provides meals What would you change? Better communication between staff and parents, and regular institutionalized updates. It's a home daycare where kids "graduate" to another facility at a certain point--the facility for older kids is really fantastic, with outdoor space, a library, etc. What I will say is--this is not the place for type A parents who want to exercise a lot of control over schedule, eating, etc. (I say that being one myself!) Our child has absolutely flourished there, and I believe she is getting great care. But you must be prepared have significantly less information than what you might be used to.