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Reviews (4)

  • ISO: nice brooklyn restaurant for dinner

    I highly recommend Sofreh, great food and drinks, elegant yet casual.
  • Venue recs for a baby shower/engagement party

    Had a gorgeous, covered backyard (it has giant umbrellas so a driving rain wouldn't be great there) and the food is INCREDIBLE. This would be a beautiful but very pricey option.
  • Healthy, family friendly delivery and takeout

    I just wanted to add to this great list our favorite place which is Sofreh, a family-owned and run Persian restaurant on St. Marks and Flatbush. It is a little pricey — put it in the “splurge” category — but the food is spectacular. My daughter loves the vegetable noodle stew (“ash”) and housemade flatbreads. Bonus for adults is they make great cocktails and sell them by the flask. If you manage to have leftover date and lentil rice, it is so good that I can’t help but eat it for breakfast the next day. If you are pregnant and tell Nasim, the owner, she will ask you to tell her when the baby is born, and then deliver you, free of charge, traditional foods that are good for postpartum. (You just have to send her a baby photo!) It’s really a special place — I highly recommend it.
  • Outdoor Dining - Where have you tried and what's been great (and safe)?

    -We went to Evalina in Fort Greene and had a great time! You can check out their Instagram page to see the setup. Also went to sofreh on Flatbush and St. Marks and sat in their backyard. That was nice too although I preferred evalina, was more festive!