Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots


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Reviews (4)

  • Soccer recommendation for 5 year old new to the neighborhood

    We had our kids do Soccer Shots last year and I would recommend them. Coaches are great, not competitive at all.
  • Shoutout to Soccer Shots

    I wanted to shoutout Soccer Shots (spring registration open now). My son and some of his friends took their class and loooved it. We had some very reluctant players in our group, and the coaches were lovely, warm and so so patient. It was the highlight of our fall weekends. They have classes near GAP and near Barton Pritchard. Not an ad, just a happy mom.
  • Re: Soccer Classes for 2.5 Year Old?

    We just tried Soccer Shots Mini age 2-3 and loved it! Our son is not yet 2 but he had a lot of fun and learned how to dribble! There were 3 coaches and they were terrific. They go over rules like listening and respect, incorporate developmentally appropriate games and songs and, of course, learn soccer. They have sample classes so you can try out before you commit. Highly recommend!
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 3 Entertainment Type: soccer program Review: Excellent 30-minute program for 3 year olds. Very engaging coach.