Soccer Legion FC
Soccer Legion FC


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Reviews (3)

  • Soccer team with nurturing environment for an 8 year old?

    My son plays for Legion and we have been very happy with them. They actively discourage any parent sideline involvement and often send reminders of appropriate/acceptable/recommended parent conduct. The communication isn’t great (some would say less than great- although not me) but has been better this year after a lot of parent feedback. We have been very happy with the coaches, who focus on developing a love of the sport & think about long-term happiness as a soccer athlete rather than “winning every game” per se. Of course, it is still competitive but overall, has been a great experience for my son so far. They practice at BK Bridge park and Dean St playground right now & home field is jj byrne.
  • Soccer for toddlers?

    Also, my 8 year old participated in Soccer Legion last summer and stuck with it for the travel team and they've been great.
  • day camps til school starts?

    My son loves Soccer Legion Fc and they have a week or two more of camp in Cadman Plaza or Mount Prospect park.