Smooth Endings Ltd.
Smooth Endings Ltd.



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Reviews (3)

  • Electrolysis in Brooklyn or Manhattan

    I love Donna from Smooth Endings! I found her on the PSP list last year. You can text her at to make an appointment: 646.338.5151 She works out of Gowanus
  • Laser hair removal on face

    Trust me, you need Donna Trimboli at Smooth Endings! Based on PSP recommendations several years back I went to her and like you I was very nervous about it. It was a super positive experience, as much as a skin zapping experience can be. Donna is a New Yorker and a talker in the best possible way. She knows her stuff. She levels with you. She is incredibly warm, responsive and caring, but also direct. If you are not a good candidate for laser on your face she will absolutely let you know and send you on your way. I have very sensitive skin and my experience was fine, btw. I think you should just contact her and see if you can meet her in person first or to save you time maybe just ask to send her a photo of your face.
  • Laser hair removal on face

    I LOVE Donna Trimboli of Smooth Endings. Changed my life. Very caring, sensitive and smart. Talk to her about whether her laser will work for you.