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  • [PSPWorkingMoms] Nanny Agencies?

    I used SmartSitting. I was happy w the people they sent and their vetting process.
  • Summary: Last-Minute Emergency Care Plan Recommendations

    Review from May, 2012 My kids are the exact same age as yours and, after years of trying various services and never once having succeeded in finding an available sitter on an emergency basis, last week we discovered They were able to help us out on two consecutive days when our 10 month old had a fever, slight but still too high for daycare. Both sitters and the service overall were terrific, and I would use them again in a heartbeat. It would have been harder to leave my 4yo with someone he'd never met, but would still serve in a pinch. I don't see why anyone would object to coming over to get to know the kids in case you need them later on an emergency basis, provided you pay them for their time.