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Smart Phone NYC - Park Slope


Electronics repair shop located in Park Slope - Brooklyn, NY. Visit us or contact us at 917-909-0901 to get your devices repaired fast.

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Reviews (3)

  • ISO place to get iPad screen fixed

    I wanted to give another shout-out to the phone repair place right next to Key Food on 7th Ave. He was so competent, quick and professional fixing my broken phone camera -- I was very impressed! And the price was so reasonable.
  • Anywhere to fix phones?

    the place on 7th Ave next to Key Food is open. (The owner's / operator's name is Beck and he's a very nice and honest guy.) They repaired a screen for my family last week. Good luck!
  • iphone Repair Recommendations

    I took my phone with a broken screen to Smart Phone NYC on 7th ave (without an appointment) and he fixed it in 20 minutes and it cost $60 (if I remember correctly). It’s this place, right across the street from the Community Bookstore.