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  • ISO Acupunture that take blue cross blue shield insurance.

    Seconding this--when I was pregnant a few years ago, I got treatment at Slope Wellness covered by insurance and it was a different provider (I think Cigna) and it was totally covered, it was amazing!
  • ISO Acupunture that take blue cross blue shield insurance.

    It was a while ago but I went to Slope Wellness for acupuncture and it was covered by my BCBS insurance. Some of their acupuncturists accepted it and others did not but they were easy to work with and took care of finding someone who was the right fit for me without me needing to jump through hoops. All of the providers I saw incorporated other treatments as well.
  • ISO: Community Acupuncture?!

    Slope wellness is great!
  • Acid reflux in adults

    I go to Slope Wellness for the community acupuncture -- it's affordable and excellent.
  • Appropriate questions for prenatal massage?

    Chiming in to recommend Slope Wellness for prenatal massage! I had a great session recently and realized afterward (just from reading the website) that my practitioner is trained as a doula in addition to a massage therapist, and yet she did not ask me a single question about anything other than my physical comfort.
  • Review from the 2021 Birthing Experience Survey

    Slope Wellness for acupuncture was amazing! Helped turn my breach baby at 37 weeks.
  • Acupuncture during pregnancy referral?

    In Park Slope proper, Slope Wellness is always a good resource and they do prenatal-specific acupuncture. It’s farther from me so I have gone there less lately, especially during winter, but I’ve seen Lucas in the past and he’s lovely. If you don’t have insurance, they also do community acupuncture, which essentially just means you’re in a room with another person, for a fraction of the price. Another pro of Slope Wellness is they do even late evening appointments. Nothing greater than acupuncture right before bed!
  • Acupuncture during pregnancy referral?

    I recently went to slope wellness and saw Marie (or Maria?) I am impressed with their pregnancy accommodations, covid precautions and front desk / office work around insurance I recommend
  • IVF in 40s, donor eggs etc

    I also got regular acupuncture at Community Chiro in Park Slope and I also did Mayan massage at Slope Wellness which I think helped so much.
  • Prenatal massage therapist

    I’ve seen Lana at Slope Wellness for a couple prenatal massages and she has been wonderful!
  • acupuncture recommendation?

    It’s might be a bit of a trek for you (I’m on the border between South Slope and Gowanus, so I’m in both neighborhood groups) but I’ve had very good experiences with Slope Wellness on 8th Ave near 9th St. They take insurance and have a bunch of acupuncturists practicing with the group and they can usually recommend the right one for the issue you’re dealing with that will take your insurance. I haven’t been there since Covid, since I saw them during both my pregnancies and that was a little while ago, but the owner Jeff is also one of the acupuncturists there and I’ve gotten email updates from their mailing list that make me think they are taking it very seriously.
  • Acupuncturist Recommendations in Park Slope?

    +1 for Slope Wellness
  • Acupuncturist Recommendations in Park Slope?

    +1 for Slope Wellness
  • Acupuncturist Recommendations in Park Slope?

    [I] now go to Slope Wellness in Park Slope. I obviously can't speak to their prenatal acupuncture but have enjoyed them postnatally (I'm 9 weeks postnatal). Their practitioners seem specialized so you may want to check out the website before calling to schedule an appointment.
  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    prenatal massage at Park Slope Wellness!
  • ISO acupuncture recommendations

    I also go to community acupuncture at Slope Wellness because it’s closer to my home. It does the job but I find the space less peaceful for a few reasons - lighting, proximity etc. It’s 55$ but you can buy a 10 pack for 450$.
  • Acupuncture

    love Slope Wellness! I went to them for prenatal acupuncture with both my pregnancies (plus to help get things moving when I was past due both times too!), and I’ve been seeing Jeff regularly for my chronic migraines. My husband has gone to their community acupuncture and also had a great experience. Highly recommend! Also, worth checking if your insurance offers acupuncture. I’m fortunate enough to get 20 visits annually!
  • Recommendations for a Physical Therapist for a pregnant person?

    Slope Wellness on 8th Ave and 9th St is great for acupuncture. I went often in the last few weeks, and it helped immensely with tension, relaxation, some nagging pains...they have one practitioner who works primarily with pregnant women. Can’t remember her name though! Community acupuncture is a great deal as well.
  • ISO brooklyn acupuncture reco

    I’ve had good experiences at Garden Acupuncture and Slope Wellness. Both take insurance.
  • ISO brooklyn acupuncture reco

    Jules Sontaag at Slope Wellness is a miracle worker and wonderful person. Slope Wellness also takes insurance and is so well run. They are on 8th ave and 9th Street.
  • Pre Natal Massage Therapist

    Mariya Milano at Slope Wellness helped me so much when I was pregnant and miserable. Not sure about evenings but she definitely works weekends. She's popular though so you have to book a week or two in advance.
  • Acupuncturist for labor induction

    I’ve been getting acupuncture at Slope Wellness for several years, and while I haven’t used them (yet) for induction, it’s been a great relief this second pregnancy. Jeff is very knowledgeable in prenatal acupuncture and, now that I’m 37 weeks, we’ve discussed him transitioning to induction points in the next few weeks to help start labor. They also take some insurances and ours covers 10 appointments annually, so that’s worth looking into!
  • Highly recommended prenatal massage

    I had to let you other moms know about the BEST massage I had at Slope Wellness. Kari Schmitt was my therapist and she was so knowledgable about pregnancy body mechanics and positioning to help with my back pain and sleep issues (which have helped!). It was seriously one of the best massages I've ever had! So if you need to treat yourself for the holidays or just because, she's your gal!
  • Pregnancy massage recommends locally please!

    I love Kari at Slope Wellness on 8th ave.
  • [January2018Babies] Accupuncture Rec?

    Jules at Slope Wellness on 8th Ave is fantastic! Specializes in prenatal - she's been a life saver. As Anne said, they take insurance, but you can also do a less expensive "community" session which is in a shared room but still private and very relaxing. Jules also does private house visits if you need.
  • [January2018Babies] Accupuncture Rec?

    I go to Slope Wellness on 8th Ave, by 9th Street. Jeff, the owner, is really nice, and they take insurance -- most major plans. If your coverage includes "health and wellness" benefits, a visit is just the cost of a copay. You can also book online. Sadly, massage isn't covered.
  • [Winter2017babies] Wrist pain

    I've had wrist pain on and off since my son was born, and I found acupuncture to be super helpful. I go to Slope Wellness and see Tricia or Melissa. (Review submitted 7/2017)
  • [September2017babies] Prenatal massage recs

    I've loved my prenatal massages at Slope Wellness!
  • Re: Chiropractor

    I've had a wonderful experience with Dr. Lara at Slope Wellness (right by the 8th avenue train stop)...
  • Review submitted via 2015 Birth Survey

    Review: I bought a community pack and went regularly during my first and third trimesters. I had miscarriage issues and I'll never know if acupuncture helped me retain my successful pregnancy, but I can say that those early visits helped keep me calm and relaxed, in addition to clearly helping with morning sickness. In the third trimester, my visits focused on comfort and I noticed a big difference in my overall aches after a visit. Insurance: I believe they take insurance but I didn't try to go through my insurer for the community sessions. Based on a January 2015 birth
  • Shout out - Slope Wellness

    A second hand waving here in support of Slope Wellness! They are fantastic, accommodating, and it is such a peaceful space.
  • Shout out - Slope Wellness

    I wanted to give a shout out to Slope Wellness. Recently, someone from the list serve asked about acupuncture and sliding scales. Slope Wellness offers community acupuncture on certain days which is very reasonable. Yes, you share a room with two others, but I think the cost savings outweigh the private acupuncture. If you get a packet of 5 acupuncture sessions, there are additional savings. I like Slope Wellness because they don't try to push any treatment, and is a local business, so I like to support local business. They are low key, very professional, and reliable. I have had community acupuncture with Trisha, and she is great. She took care of real pain points in several sessions. I have also had massages, and I want to say Julia is awesome. She asked what my issues were and she really concentrated on my problem areas. I have had massages at other places, and Slope Wellness is the best. I have no affiliation with Slope Wellness, but just a happy customer who stumbled upon this place a while ago.
  • Re: seeking a good chiropractor (or other back fixer)

    I would like to give a shout out to slope wellness on 8th ave & 9th street for acupuncture and massage. I went there with back pain this summer and it really helped.
  • NEW! Slope Wellness Center on 8th Ave (8th/9th Sts.)

    I have to give a shout-out for a new holistic health care center in the neighborhood--Slope Wellness--run by Jeff Weidmann, a wonderful acupuncturist and Brooklyn dad. Some of you may be familiar with Jeff as a founder and former owner of Element Healing Arts in Carroll Gardens, while some may know him from his independent practice. He's a Brooklyn native with a really sensible approach and incredible store of knowledge from his previous training in China and New Mexico. I have no affiliation with his business but have known him for many years, since he first treated me for a stomach issue that resolved quickly. I am terrified of needles but have no problem with his acupuncture because I just always feel better for it. I attended the opening of Slope Wellness today, and am really excited. It's a beautiful, tranquil space on 8th Ave. btwn 8th/9th Streets. They offer acupuncture, herbology, massage, rolfing, nutrition counseling, and yoga classes, and are running some Grand Opening specials this month. I hope more people take advantage of this resource while we support a new local business!