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At Sleepy On Hudson, we believe that good sleep is an essential foundation to overall family health and happiness. Every day, we craft highly tailored sleep solutions, schedules, and routines that support the developmental picture and unique temperament of an individual child as well as the family as a whole. When you have a plan that is right for your child and for you, then you can be consistent and confident and ensure better nights for now and for the long run.

We offer in home & over the phone support options. Reach out for a complimentary 15 minute call to see if we are a good fit.

Reviews (9)

  • "8-month" sleep regression still going at 10.5 months

    Hi. Brooke from Sleepy on Hudson is really amazing. Highly recommend. Best money I spent on my kids.
  • "8-month" sleep regression still going at 10.5 months

    Hi. Brooke from Sleepy on Hudson is really amazing. Highly recommend. Best money I spent on my kids.
  • Infant Catnaps

    My first kiddo catnapped until he was 9 months old. I was beyond exasperated! I contacted Brooke from Sleepy on Hudson who was amazingly helpful (and continued to help us as needed for the next few years as naps transitions and sleep regressions happened with both of my kids). So... it might get better like the above posters say.. but it also may not? And if that is the case for you I highly recommend getting help around the 6 month mark because its worth every penny!
  • Child Sleep Help Recommendation

    I had a great experience with Brooke from sleepy on Hudson. We had a couple of quick phone calls with her once our kid turned 2. At 3.5, he’s an excellent sleeper again and goes to bed easily. I highly recommend her!
  • 2018 Review

    I just finished working with Christina at Sleepy on Hudson. She was fantastic. I needed help getting my 4-month-old son on a more regular schedule to help with night sleep, naps, the works. She truly listened to my preferences and concerns, and supported me in accomplishing everything I was hoping for. I worked with a different sleep consultant a few years ago for my older son, and Christina was miles better. Truly a lifesaver!
  • [Spring2016Babies] Sleep consultant rec for tired pregnant momma

    We used Brook at Sleepy on Hudson and she was wonderful!! She’s been there with us for every sleep step of the way (since [my child] was 4 months old) and I continue to reach out for advice and suggestions during every new sleep shift. I credit much of [my child]’s great sleep habits to the advice we received from Brook. I recommended her to another friend with a 6-month old and she also just reported fantastic results.
  • [PSP Winter 2015 Babies] SLEEP CONSULTANT

    We recently started working with Brooke at Sleepy on Hudson. It's pricey but we had had a few months of really difficult sleep issues that were affecting everyone in the house. After meeting with Brooke and getting some suggestions of things to try we saw some immediate positive results, so for us it has been worth it. Good luck!!
  • [PSP Spring 2016 Babies] Sleep Consultant

    We've been working with Brooke at Sleepy on Hudson (whom I initially found through a PSP recommendation!) and she's been great. Really appreciate her gentle approach and she's been a wonderful support in figuring out all things baby-sleep :) Review submitted: 1/4/2017
  • Re: [PSP] RE: Sleep Consultant, 5 month old?

    Brooke Naile at sleepy on Hudson.Really great with her help my daughter started sleeping in the crib