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Sleep Wise Consulting


Sleep Wise Consulting teaches babies, children, and adults how to improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Through custom plans, virtual support, and education we have resolved thousands of individuals' sleep disturbances without gadgets or sleep aids, across the globe. A team of highly-trained and certified consultants will take you, or your child, from tired to rested in a matter of weeks, so you can experience the life-changing results of restorative sleep.

Sleep Wise also provides potty training and lactation support to help your nights stay on track through all your baby's milestones.

Reviews (9)

  • Sleep Training/Consultant

    My wife and I started our baby on sleep training very early at 10 weeks old. We were struggling a lot at the time and a friend recommended a specific sleep consultant that helped their baby begin sleeping 12 hours straight a night as well as consistent naps. Her program was very successful for us. By 12 weeks old our baby girl has been sleeping 12 hours through the night with a consistent 3-naps schedule during the day. We were nervous when she turned 4 months because of the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. But she really only experienced that for 2 days and was back to her normal schedule. She is currently 5.5 months old and I think she has developed pretty decent independent sleep skills and can nap and sleep on her own. It's been amazing for us b/c once she is down by 7pm, we can get other stuff around the house done, or just rest and recuperate from the day. Sleepwise consulting We used Sarah Walden. She was really amazing and very perceptive with the needs of our baby. A word of warning, this program requires a little bit of the cry it out method. It starts by letting the baby cry it out for 1 minute. Then extend it to 3 minutes. Then eventually extend it to 10 minutes . But, that's about it. If you're not comfortable with any crying in sleep training, then this program might not be appropriate.
  • Toddler with terrible night anxiety- help

    The sleep consultant was SO helpful and I definitely recommend her: Jeannine, She accidentally ended up specializing in toddlers.
  • Sleep consultant rec?

    I had a great experience with Emily Freilino as well!
  • Sleep consultant rec?

    Emily Freilino from Sleepwise was so helpful for us at age 20mo, and she’s worked with parents of older toddlers as well. Hope someone/something works out!
  • Sleep consultant rec?

    I would second Kelley from Sleepwise ( She was so helpful with both my kids.
  • Sleep consultant rec?

    Kelly from Sleepwise consulting saved our lives.
  • Can anyone recommend a sleep training consultant?

    We had an wonderful experience with Stephanie Drew at sleep wise (she’s also a fellow park slope mom). Our 7 month old wouldn’t nap and was up from 1-5 am, it was brutal. After working with her we get a full night sleep and 2 naps in the crib daily. Definitely the best money we’ve spent!
  • Can anyone recommend a sleep training consultant?

    We had an amazing experience with Kelley at sleepwise consulting.
  • 2018 Review

    I used Kelly Ryan @sleepwise when I sleep trained S. at 4 months and it was a really positive experience and her advice for nap transition at 5/6 months has been helpful these last few weeks