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Skin Shop NYC is a skincare studio dedicated to educating clients, effective treatments, and healthy skin. Book your facial with a licensed professional to reach all of your skin goals. Choose from microdermabrasion, peels, back treatments, nano-infusion, dermaplaning, and more!

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  • Facial Recommendation

    I just had a great facial from Stephany at Stephany is a solo practitioner so it's just the two of you in her intimate space in Gowanus. She is very knowledgeable and not at all pushy. Kind, supportive, skilled and full of solid, fact-based information about skincare that meets you where you are rather than tries to make you rethink everything. I went through everything I have used, was currently using, have been curious about and she patiently discussed it all with me. It was great and so helpful. I love not having to shlep into the city to get personalized attention from a reliable source. I took her advice on changing up some of my routine and I'm already seeing a difference. I'm excited to have someone nearby who I trust and who can hold my hand through the seasons. Definitely feeling much more moisturized and vibrant!
  • Facialist

    Skin Shop NYC. Its a no-frills place on 2nd Ave and 8th Street that I was incredibly impressed with! I usually go to spas so that I can feel pampered, but now I just need a monthly facial to work on my skin, and this place is the perfect place for just that! Stephany (small business owner) is just really into skin care. She wants to know everything you do and use, teaches you how to treat yourself better (read: not expensive, fancy brands....just some common sense, gentle care and love, and some core products - not brands - that actually help and make a difference), and gets down to business. You're not going to walk out of there feeling like a new woman, but you will walk out of there with glowing skin and ready to make your next appointment because you'll be eager to see the progression!