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  • Re: After school babysitter advice

    We found a great after-school sitter on Sittercity, but it wasn't easy. She is a recent college grad with a part-time job, who will probably leave us to go to grad school. We had to sort through dozens of responses and interview a number of people to find someone who lives nearby, is responsible, mature, and patient, and had excellent references. But such people exist, and they tend to be on sites like Sittercity,, and Urbansitter.
  • Beware of (thread cautioning about automatic renewals)

    Sitter city does the same thing, but when you discover it and email them about it they will get back to you in 1-2 days, cancel it and refund you, apologize for the misunderstanding and try to get you back in by offering up to 30-50% whatever subscription you want. Which I'll use, as you can search sitters when you're away on holiday and not in your local area (theres a limit tho I believe). So even though it is annoying,as a busy parent I'm a fan!
  • Beware of (thread cautioning about automatic renewals)

    And it's not just The same thing happened to us with!
  • Re: ISO feedback sittercity,, urban sitter

    I used sittercity to find occasional sitters, for nights and some daytime hours. I found it really helpful. It's good because you can be very clear in posting an ad about your needs and rates and then filter out responses if someone doesn't seem to be a good fit. It is user-friendly.