Sing Along Amy - Amy Miles
Sing Along Amy - Amy Miles


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Reviews (3)

  • ISO musician for child’s party

    Highly recommend Sing Alongs with Amy Miles. She has been teaching music to a bunch of children in our building for 2+ years and is excellent. She does parties and events too and engages kids in a fun way! Here is her website:
  • SUMMARY: Thoughts on Mark Morris Parent and Toddler Movement Class?

    I can very highly recommend Amy Miles' sing-a-longs for kids who love to dance. There is more freedom than there is in a structured movement class, so kids can dance around if they want to or just sit and shake a rattle the whole time.
  • Re: [PSP] Re: Drop-in sing alongs

    Our favorite sing alongs are: Sing Along Amy: She has different locations and times throughout the week. Check her website.