Simply DiDelicious
Simply DiDelicious


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  • ISO local healthy personal chef

    I highly recommend Didem Meadows of SimplyDiDelicious, she is turkish so her food has a great turkish kick to it but I bet she could go more plain-vanilla if asked. More info- I've bought her baked goods for the holidays, and a friend used her for catering a birthday party and we loved the food. (i have no other affiliation with her, just love her cooking)- she is very into healthy ingredients and involved in sustainability efforts locally (co-founded our local csa, is working on a startup food coop and helped her kids' school get a big outdoor garden that was featured in a michelle obama book (the two featured schools were ps 107+ ps 102 by the way), she both caters/cooks and sells baked goods esp around the holidays. (Reviewed Jan 2015)