Simon Herman - Appliance Repair
Simon Herman - Appliance Repair


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Reviews (11)

  • Happy Home Appliance Repair?

    Herman!!! He's the best, for real. Talented, nice and fair. Very reasonably priced. We usually pay him more. 19177960538
  • Re: Appliance repair

    S Herman has been great for us too on a number of different items. Highly recommend him.
  • Review for Herman

    We just bought an apartment with lots of problems including a non-working Refrigerator and Washer Dryer. Herman shows up late at night, understands the problems right away and is beyond reasonable. In fact, I think he under charges. One of the really great ones. I'd highly recommend Herman.
  • ISO: appliance repair man

    Yes, Simon Herman is the best!!!
  • ISO: appliance repair man

    Herman is the best. He has repaired my refrigerator, full-sized freezer, washer and dryer. He works all hours, is very reasonable and stands by his work.
  • Re: [PSP] Re: Washer Repair??

    yes, i 2nd Herman. He's the best ,quick to respond and great prices. (March 2014)
  • Re: Washer Repair??

    Repairs all kitchen appliances, reliable, fair prices.
  • [PSP] Re: Recommendation for Dryer Vent Cleaning

    Herman - the best, comes quick and very reasonably priced. He has serviced and cleaned my dryer 2x and fixed my washer too.
  • Re: Refrigerator repairman? (GE)

    We just used Herman, too! He was amazing! Came an hour after we called and it was evening. Took care of our problem and was super reasonable. Great guy, I highly recommend him
  • Re: Refrigerator repairman? (GE)

    We woke up yesterday and our ice trays had melted. Naturally I turned to the PSP archive, where I found [a previous poster]'s note below. He's absolutely right: Herman was great! He fixed our fridge, then showed us a few maintenance things we should be doing to save power and extend its life. He's skilled, does great work, charges a fair price, and is very pleasant to deal with. We'll definitely call on him next time.
  • (no subject)

    We second Herman (that's his last name).