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Sideways School views all children as creative, curious, and competent, and all play as purposeful! Through cooperative play and exploration in nature, with a small group of peers and loosely structured time, children in Sideways School develop the skills they need to thrive—in school and beyond! For ages 4–7.

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Reviews (3)

  • Shout out to Sideways School - Nature based, child-led play with social-emotional learning!

    I second this! Serena at Sideways School is awesome!
  • Shout out to Sideways School - Nature based, child-led play with social-emotional learning!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Sideways School! It is a wonderful nature based social emotional play class, taught by an amazing teacher Serena. She is so supportive of children. Each week we get photos and recaps of the play the kids engage in and I love seeing them develop games, solve conflicts, and learn how to emotionally regulate with her support. I especially love how non-judgmental she is of the games children play and how she gives them the space to design and lead their own games and adventures. I originally enrolled my daughter as I wanted her to have some experience of drop off classes before she starts kindergarten this fall, but the experience has been so magical that we will continue through the summer and beyond. My daughter has become more confident, has strategies to soothe herself, and is getting better at respecting boundaries. I really want to prioritize opportunities for sustained, spontaneous play in nature where kids are responsible for their own ideas, play and solving their own conflicts. Especially as her world becomes more academic in kindergarten. If this sounds like an experience you want for your child, check out Sideways School. There are summer and fall classes. I have no affiliation to Serena, just a happy parent of a happy child.
  • Feedback on Sideways School

    My son is just finishing up a term of Sideways with Serena. The whole experience was magical. She is excellent at facilitating a supportive and creative environment for the kids to learn and explore in nature and build social/emotional skills. I saw very visible growth in my 7-year-old son. She is very responsive to parents and gives thoughtful summaries of what the kids have been doing each session, with photos. I highly recommend.