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Reviews (5)

  • Ordering Out: Fried Chicken

    Can confirm that Sidecar is open and has their awesome fried chicken.
  • Ordering Out: Fried Chicken

    Sidecar has been closed for the past few weeks but we walked by today and it looks like they’re going to be open again! So glad. Their fried chicken is amazing (as are lots of other things there).
  • Special occasion dinner recommendation?

    Sidecar is our go-to!
  • Restaurants: Who's staying open for delivery?

    We had dinner delivered from Sidecar on 5th Ave last night. Highly recommend!
  • Belated Thank You for MTG party space ideas

    There are lots of restaurants like Prospect Grill and Sidecar in (south slope), that have small garden areas with big tables that they might be willing to give you for a private party. If he doesn't mind having his party outside, these are good options.