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At Shultz & Ficher, we do more than make beautiful food - we create meals and events that bring people together to celebrate the big - and small - moments of joy in life. Our seasonal grazing boards are everyone’s favorite way to eat, snack and celebrate - delivered! An artisanal selection of meats, cheeses, spreads, jams, nuts, fruits and more make these platters a festive way to host a party.

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  • Recommending a Caterer

    I was connected with Jessica Meter. I was hosting a small surprise party for 9 people. She worked with our budget and came up with a menu. There was so much food—we were stuffed! The food was beautiful and delicious. She was able to work in my kitchen that had no gas ?. It was such a treat to not have to prep and serve food while also trying to enjoy yourself. And you can’t beat someone else cleaning up the kitchen while you spend time with your friends! Worth every penny. She’s such a pleasure! I highly recommend her and will definitely book her in the future.
  • Best Local Cheese Boards!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to a local business. I just ordered a cheese board for Thanksgiving from It was absolutely spectacular in both taste + design! My guests kept commenting on how beautiful the board was and I can't wait to order another! The company is owned by local parents here in Bk!
  • Shultz + ficher

    These beautiful grazing boards are so well curated and beautifully composed. We ordered one over Valentine's weekend and it was wonderful. We didn't really even need dinner because it was a quite generous portion. I know they do larger boards for bigger parties as well and also cater to kids, so it is quite versatile. Delivery to your door makes it super convenient. We'll definitely try these again for our next event.
  • Shultz & Ficher

    Hands down the best cheese + charcuterie boards! I ordered one of these beautiful boards for Thanksgiving and was blown away by how well curated it was. Not only was it almost too pretty to eat but all of the different flavors + textures were delicious. I love how they cut out cute shapes in the cheese + fill them with jam. This gorgeous board is also delivered to your door. I will certainly be ordering again!