Shop in NYC (formally Cinch)
Shop in NYC (formally Cinch)


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Reviews (2)

  • Local place to buy Christmas stockings?

    I haven’t checked specifically for Christmas stockings but after someone posted here on psp, I check it for EVERYTHING I need to buy. I just love the philosophy and it make local shopping as easy as ordering from Amazon. And there’s a psp discount!
  • Cinch Market--Amazon alternative

    For those of you avoiding Amazon for a multitude of reasons, I recently tried Cinch Market. It is all local Brooklyn stores, and they deliver every day but Saturdays. I purchased Roller-Skates for my daughter, and it cost the exact same as it would have from Amazon--with none of the icky feelings. I hope the more people who purchase from it, the more stores will join. I have no affiliation with Cinch Market, but just want an alternative to Amazon. Take care.