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  • Review from the Spring 2022 Birthing Survey

    Oh my goodness, I could sing from the rooftops about Shirin! I can't recommend Shirin enough! Shirin is knowledgeable, is passionate about her work, has a thoughtful methodology, is incredibly kind, and is confident. The key for me was the balance between kindness and confidence. I'm a natural caretaker so I knew I needed a doula who I could trust to take the reins when necessary. Shirin also did a great job of including my husband into the experience as well. With each interaction I became more and more certain that our experience was going to be filled with love in a way that helped me remove the fear that I was bringing to the table. Plus Shirin is fun and easy to talk to! Shirin taught us new things about the birthing experience, provided a decision making rubric for when things would come up during delivery, and reinforced other topics that we learned in our birthing class so that when the big day arrived we were able to easily pull those tools out of our "toolkit". She also lifted the research burden off of my shoulders for many things and made herself available for questions via text and email; an example is how she looked over our baby registry and gave advice on how to potentially adjust it.Shirin was deeply respectful of my decisions and helped me understand my options while not influencing my decisions. During the labor experience, it's hard to know what decisions to make; having Shirin by my side made everything less intimidating and her loving presence left me feeling physically and mentally supported. I am incredibly happy with how it all played out. A few days after the birth, Shirin came to our home for a postpartum visit. She brought tea, boiled herbs for a comfy sitz bath, and walked through some things that we weren't completely confident about with the baby. We still continue to text as she checks in on how we're all recovering. It has been wonderful to have unconditional support from Shirin!