Writing With Shelly
Writing With Shelly


​I'm a Brooklyn-based writing tutor and coach who helps middle school, high school and college students navigate writing challenges and gain greater confidence communicating their ideas.

As an in-house college writing tutor for over ten years, I have helped undergraduate and graduate students craft papers, edit their work and research diverse topics for a range of classes. This is what brought me to the world of private tutoring seven years ago, along with a desire to help younger students become stronger writers. My long-term experience teaching and tutoring college students has uniquely equipped me to work with younger students; I have a comprehensive understanding of the kind of writing they'll be expected to submit down the line. As a result, I can guide them in developing the skills and harnessing tools useful to them now and invaluable in the future.

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  • shout out for local creative writing teacher -- for MS students

    I'd like to put in a good word for former college writing instructor Shelly Auster’s mini-writing workshops for middle schoolers. I've been searching for a writing “class” my daughter won’t feel is simply an extension of schoolwork, and Shelly has not disappointed. She is engaging and finds creative ways to help my reluctant writer actually enjoy writing. I just registered my daughter for Shelly’s one-day mini-writing workshop for middle schoolers on July 10 in Park Slope. If you’d like to know more about the workshop, you can email Shelly directly. Let's support this wonderful local resource! (I don’t have any ties with the business--just a happy customer).