Sharon Enlow - Fantasy Face Painting and Balloons
Sharon Enlow - Fantasy Face Painting and Balloons


Sharon Enlow

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  • ISO: An excellent face painter!

    Highly recommend Sharon Enlow - she did our daughters 5th birthday party and was amazing. Fast, high quality/lots of options, super organized. she even had a system so kids weren’t ever stuck waiting in line (think: taking a number at the deli counter). She was wonderful. Reach out at
  • Balloon artist recs!

    I saw Belinda from "Fantasy Arts by Sharon" at a party, and grabbed her card. The website is here: Belinda was fantastic at balloon art.
  • Facepainter

    We just hired Sharon of Fantasy Arts for my son’s fourth birthday party and she was fantastic. Friendly, professional, great with the kids and she’s a wonderful artist. She paints faces and twists balloons. Kids had a blast. or 917-620-7006
  • Facepainter & Balloons for 7th Birthday - this weekend

    Another shoutout for Sharon! She’s amazing and every time we get her for a party parents are super impressed with how great the face painting she does is. She and her team - we’ve had one of her employees come one year and she was just as great - are the best! (October 2019)
  • Facepainter & Balloons for 7th Birthday - this weekend

    We also used her in the past and she is great (October 2019)
  • Facepainter & Balloons for 7th Birthday - this weekend

    I recommend Sharon Enlow: She has been doing this forever! I used her 20 years ago! She still is the best one! (October 2019)
  • Review from Kids Birthday and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Survey - 2016

    Age of child: 4 Review: Face-Painter. Fantasy Arts by Sharon. Also great. (December 2016)

    I second Sharon Enflow's business. The lady she sent us for my daughter's bday in May was amazing, her creations breathtaking! All our guests, little and adult, were stunned at the designs and her ability to work in trying environment ( sand storm at Coney Island!) (August 2016)
  • Re: ISO: Magician / face painter or other reco for kids bday party

    Sharon Enlow. She has been doing this for years, including all the major street fairs. She also does balloons. Try her! (September 2015)
  • Re: ISO: Magician / face painter or other reco for kids bday party

    I heartily second the recommendation for Sharon Enlow. She's fantastically imaginative and talented, and very kind and patient with kids. And she works really fast. (September 2015)
  • Re: Emergency Face Painting!

    Sharon Enlow is the best! (August 2015)
  • Re: ISO Face Painter Rec

    Sharon Enlow is AWESOME!! She's got decades of experience and kids LOVE her! She has painted faces for my business. She does GREAT face painting, as well as arts and crafts. (August 2013)
  • Re: ISO entertainment for party with 2-7 year olds

    I agree that Sharon Enlow is fantastic! (March 2013)
  • Re: ISO entertainment for party with 2-7 year olds

    I would like to recommend Sharon Enlow, a fantastically good-humored, patient, artistic, and delightful face-painter, balloon artist, craft designer, and lovely person. She doesn't put on a show but engages each child individually for a brief time, transforming them into glorious butterflies, tigers, etc., and giving them fun balloon toys, both of which continue to engage the children long after Sharon has moved on to the next kid. In addition, she will provide an easy and fun DIY craft which further engages them. She gives a special PSP discount as well. (March 2013)
  • I agree! Sharon is awesome, stellar, top notch AND fun!! We've had her for parties a few times!! (October 2012)
  • Sharon Enlow is not only a fabulous face painter who treats kids like people without condescending or babying them, but she's great with grown-ups too. Her work is fabulous, detailed, and professional. Every design has a bit of uniqueness so it's not cookie cutter with every kid looking the same. Moreover, Sharon makes the people around her relaxed-- that includes crazed mothers and fathers throwing their kids' parties! She's got a great heart and is giving of her time and energy to good causes and community building. (October 2012)
  • We hired Sharon to do face painting and glitter tatoos for my daughter's 5th birthday party this past weekend in Prospect Park. A few days before I had told Sharon that the party theme was fairies and dragons, and she came prepared with wonderful ideas for the kids. While I had only hired her for 2 hours, she stayed for at least 2.5 hours to make sure that each kid (including younger siblings) got their face painted. Her designs were beautiful and the kids and parents spent much of the party gathered around her table mesmerized. Sharon was a joy to work with - easy to communicate with, punctual, and wonderful with the kids. I would hire her again in a second. (August 2011)
  • We hired Sharon for my daughter's 4th birthday party in Prospect Park last weekend. Sharon was great with the kids (including my squirmy 21 month old!) and she created beautiful, intricate designs! Sharon was easy to work with and a pleasure to have at my daughter's party! I highly recommend Sharon if you are looking for face painting! (June 2010)
  • I was faced with the dilemma of having to provide entertainment for a joint 1st/36th birthday party--the answer? Sharon and Allen Enlow: Artists Extraordinaire. They were professional form the moment I inquired about their services--two weeks before my event, no less and followed through with their professionalism until the very last guest was adorned with Sharon's beautiful artwork or depicted by Allen's amazing talent to truly capture one's personality. They were fun, funny and my guests just adored them! From what i understand, they also work separately as well. I recommend them in the strongest terms possible! They are the best! (December 2009)