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  • Birthing Classes

    I highly recommend Shara Frederick. She was my doula for two kids, and was totally amazing, and I took her childbirth class when she was teaching at the now-defunct Real Birth. (It was her class that convinced us we wanted her to be our doula.) She is smart, compassionate, calming and great about laying out all the options and not trying to push any kind of agenda.
  • Based on a 2014 Birthing Experience

    Member Review: This was a great general class that was done quickly and covered all the basics. Good alternative to the hospital class but not completely geared towards natural childbirth. Shara is knowledgeable and presents the info in a fun way. (Review submitted via the 2014 Birthing Survey) Insurance details: not covered
  • Re: Doula for second birth?

    I had a doula for my first birth (Shara Frederick- she rocks!) and although I thought she was amazing, I was on the fence about whether or not I needed a support person for the second. I had a pretty smooth experience the first time around, really like and trust my OB, and figured #2 would come faster. We ended up hiring Shara again because I just couldn't imagine her not being a part of it, and I am so glad that we did. She ended up supporting me in very different ways, but I still felt that it was invaluable. I had lots of early start-stop labor so there were many calls and texts leading up to the birth. Then once stuff started I ended up spending more time at the hospital because I was worried about getting to the upper east side from Brooklyn (didn't want to have the baby in a car!), so she helped me with the whole experience of laboring there, which I had kind of missed the first time since I showed up pretty late. Hope this helps and good luck! Happy to answer any other questions offline, I struggled with the decision as well.
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    I second the recommendation for Shara Frederick. She is a seasoned doula who has an incredible wealth of knowledge. Her classes are great. She was also my doula for both my children. You can't go wrong with her!
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    Shara Frederick was an incredible childbirth ed teacher- I had her through Real Birth (now closed) but she has gone on to start her own business: She was also my doula for both of my daughters-- I can't say enough good things about how smart, capable, and caring she is. Good luck!
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    My husband and I are doing Shara Frederick's class, and it's more or less all we can talk about, we're so enthusiastic: She's a highly-experienced doula and midwife's assistant, and as a teacher, she is knowledgeable, friendly, funny, honest, and down-to-earth -- essentially, everything you could want. She has helped my husband and me feel far more equipped & prepared than we did before, and far less scared, like we can actual possibly handle the whirlwind that's about to descend. I fantasize about going into labor in her class so that she'll feel obligated to be my doula, because I couldn't picture a better one. August 2012
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    We just took Shara Frederick's class in Williamsburg. She's great! August 2012