Shannon Florist & Nursery
Shannon Florist & Nursery


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Reviews (7)

  • Iso: soil

    Shout out for Shannon Florist-- they will deliver soil (and plants, and pots) curbside which is great.
  • Easy backyard planting with a 3yo?

    Either way, Shannons is open and will deliver for $35.
  • Yard help! Brown Thumb Alert!

    I got my sod at Shannon's. I think it was only $2 a square foot or something. I can't remember the prep - it was easy and I just Googled it. 3 years later it's still alive. Water water water in the beginning. My entire yard was about $200 and immediately looked pretty and we waited a month to play on it
  • Where to buy Plants/flowers

    I love Shannon’s - they are so nice, and although they don’t have a huge selection the plants are good quality and well priced
  • Re: Where to buy Plants/flowers

    I like Shannon’s Florist on Fort Hamilton Parkway. I got the vast majority of my plants there this year. They also have reasonable potting soil and mulch. Shannon’s also give a Park Slope Parents discount.
  • Helium Balloons South Slope/Windsor Terrace

    Shannon Florist (review submitted April 2016)
  • (no subject)

    I recommend Shannon's Nursery on Fort Hamilton. Not as expensive as the various red hook options, and the plants do well. (May 2011)