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Reviews (5)

  • Super contractor (and architect) recommendation!

    We recently finished a second project with an amazing contractor who we feel so lucky to have found. We found out about him originally from another PS family who spoke highly of him. He did a project for us involving structural work, plumbing, electrical, floors and carpentry with a brand new kitchen and bath- so basically all phases but I know he does everything from full building gut renovations down to just a new bathroom or kitchen. After hearing stories of sketchy contractors from friends, we felt very lucky to have been connected to him. He is very easy to speak to, fair and transparent with his pricing and just a good honest guy who wanted our job to come out well as much as we did. He’s definitely worth speaking to and really knows his stuff. An added bonus is he connected us to a very reasonably priced architect who he works with often and it really helped make our second project go much smoother since they had a good working relationship. His name is Seth of Design2Build and his cell is (917) 379-3300. We don’t have anything to gain, just really satisfied customers and we know how stressful the renovation process can be so are happy to share a referral after having gone through the process.

    We worked with a great contractor recently named Seth Dankman on a project for our building. He is licensed and insured and is just a really honest and fair guy. We met with many contractors before we found him and have no regrets. We were worried about the process after all the renovation horror stories you hear but he’s definitely one of the fair and honest ones out there. He’s worth a call at the very least to get a quote from. His name is Seth at 9173793300.
  • ISO Reliable contractor and electrician

    We recently finished a project with a really great contractor who did all of those same things for us (removed wall to open up the space, new floors, new kitchen, and all new electrical) and it turned out great and he was easy to work with and helpful during the whole process. We’re so happy with how it all turned out and had a really good experience with him so happy to share his name. Our contractor was Seth Dankman at Design2Build and his contact number is 917.379.3300. You’re also welcome to come by our place in Park Slope and see the work he did. We remember being in your shoes before we started our project and are happy to pass along our knowledge on the process if it helps.
  • Amazing contractor recommendation: Design2Build and Seth Dankman

    We did a major renovation project last year and after all the great advice we've gotten off of PSP, I wanted to post a recommendation for our contractor. We worked with Design2Build and the owner is Seth Dankman. His number is 917.379.3300. We found him on the recommendation of a neighbor who used him for a big project (though he will do smaller projects too I believe) and they were also very happy. We did basically a full gut project where we did lots of interior structural work to remove load-bearing walls and also fully opened the back wall with steel beams to make the back of the house all windows. New floors, new windows, new kitchen, insulation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC system- you name it, we did it-- or I should say, he did it. Besides just having a great experience working with him and being happy with how our place turned out, he also was just a genuinely nice, honest guy and we felt he really wanted to make us happy with our house. He really went above and beyond his responsibility in simply building what the architect had drawn by spending extra time discussing options and other ways to do/design things that he knew from many years of working on old and new houses. He even came back long after the project was done to touch up a couple of things, which were not even really his fault, which I doubt most contractors would do. He wasn't the cheapest quote we got, but he was far from the most expensive one. After all the horror stories you read about contractors doing shoddy work or running off mid-project with their customer's money, we felt very lucky to have found one of the honest, good contractors out there. He's definitely a guy worth speaking to and getting a quote from if you're planning a renovation. Feel free to reach out to us as well if you want more information on our project with him, we're happy to show off his work and our home.
  • 2020 Review

    We used Seth Dankman and Design2Build for a gut renovation project on our home in Park Slope off of the recommendation of a neighbor who completed a project with him and was very happy. We met with 5 contractors beforehand total and we just got a ""honest, straightforward guy"" vibe from Seth. He really seemed to know his stuff when it came to DOB and building code and was willing to do a little handholding during our first big renovation. After reading and hearing lots of renovation horror stories about contractors running off with the money or leaving halfway through the job, we really put a lot of thought into this choice and have nothing but good things to say about Seth. His quote wasn't the lowest, but it was faaaar from the highest and he was fair with fees for changes we had to make mid-project which is something else we were warned about that some contractors come up with: huge add-ons when unexpected things come up mid-project. For our project, he removed a few interior walls to open up the space, took out most of the back wall to replace with windows and a door to the backyard, new kitchen, new floors and subfloor, new windows, new electrical, insulation, plumbing. You name it, we did it-- well, actually he did it. From speaking to him though, I know he also does smaller projects than full gut renovations, like just kitchens or bathrooms. We've been in our home for a few months now and we really couldn't be happier, Yes, we had some bumps along the way, but Seth never left us hanging or tried to take advantage of our newness to the renovation process. He even went beyond his job at times and gave us layout ideas and supplier suggestions for us to look into, which he knew about from years of renovations. After being a longtime PSP member, this is my first PSP review and I'm taking the time to post because I've gotten so much help from this site and I also know how overwhelming (and expensive and stressful) a renovation can be. Working with Seth really went about as smoothly as we could have hoped, so maybe this review will help someone else. He is definitely a guy worth talking to and at least getting a bid from. Good luck with your project!