Sean Casey Animal Rescue
Sean Casey Animal Rescue


Sean Casey also needs Volunteers! Interested?  Here's the rundown:

Volunteers walk dogs and other tasks including cleaning cages. Kids can also make bandanas or cat toys at home and bring them in for the animals.


Every day from 12 noon to 6pm, call ahead or just drop in.


All ages, minors need a parent with them for the first visit, under 16 must have parent supervision, school volunteer credit sign-off available


For more information, visit the website for a monthly newsletter or

Reviews (14)

  • Looking for a Cat - animal shelters?

    Also second Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Windsor Terrace. They do amazing work.
  • Looking for a Cat - animal shelters?

    Sean Casey Animal Rescue -- both of our cats are from there. Great place.
  • Looking for a Cat - animal shelters?

    I adopted both of our wonderful cats from Sean Casey Animal Rescue on Fort Hamilton Parkway in Windsor Terrace. SCAR is a great organization.
  • Anywhere a kid can volunteer with dogs?

    Families can walk dogs for Sean Casey, the shelter in Windsor terrace / Kensington. For people thinking of getting a dog, it’s great research and preparation, plus you might meet the right puppy. Our sitter once brought our kid down and did a dogwalk as an activity. They asked the for the sitter’s drivers license and held it while they were out with a dog, but they did not need her to have been cleared in advance.
  • Where to donate dog crate, leashes, etc?

    Sean Casey is open every day of the week from 11-7. Just go by and drop off your stuff, they will be thrilled. I’m sorry for your loss, we did the same thing when our last dog passed away. It was hard but I felt good knowing it helped other pups.
  • Stuffed animals donation?

    This topic does come up a lot and I’ve never seen a response that includes a charity that will donate them to children, and for good reason. You might want to try the Sean Casey Animal Rescue.
  • Recommendations for local charities?

    Sean Casey Animal center. So many of us have rescues from there and have also taken local animals in.
  • Wellness cat kibble to donate

    Sean Casey Animal Rescue (although they don’t do pickups).
  • omg -- duckmergency!

    Sean Casey is great! They just picked up an injured fledgling from our front yard yesterday. What an amazing resource.
  • donating stuffed animals summary

    I've brought stuffed animals to the Sean Casey animal shelter and they happily took them as toys for the animals. Perhaps worth calling in advance just to confirm they still accept them.
  • Adopting a Rescue

    Sean Casey Animal Rescue is a wonderful no-kill shelter in Windsor Terrace. (Reviewed Jan 2015)
  • Advice: what to do with litter of kittens!

    Try calling Sean Casey animal rescue in Kensington. If he has space he can arrange a pick up. (July 2014)
  • Advice: what to do with litter of kittens!

    Try Sean Casey's Animal Rescue
  • ISO: adopting a guinea pig

    We adopted ours from Sean Casey animal shelter -- a great place -- in Kensington. (May 2012)