Scott Rickert, MD
Scott Rickert, MD


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Reviews (15)

  • ISO ENT for tween

    We loved Scott Rickert at NYU.
  • Looking for pediatric ENT

    We used a pediatric ENT--Dr. Scott Rickert at NYU -- for a tongue tie and found him to be wonderful. Kind, compassionate, informative, easy to work with. Highly recommend.
  • Pediatric Otolaryngology Referral

    we saw Dr. Scott Rickert at NYU for repeat ear infections/fluid and enlarged adenoids. He was great, very patient with my 3 year old, and did ear tubes and an adenoid/tonsils reduction. Also from a surgical perspective, I was very impressed with the whole NYU team - they are really set up for kids.
  • Pediatric ENT recs for sleep apnea

    we saw Dr. Scott Rickert at NYU. He was great with my son, and wound up doing a tonsil and adenoid reduction, as well as ear tubes. While we went for a consult for chronic ear infections, and my son wasn’t separately diagnosed with sleep apnea, all the signs were there - snoring, chronic tiredness, mouth breathing, etc. We were also very happy with Dr Rickert and the NYU team for the surgery. They really understand kids, and were immensely flexible with getting him through the morning and to the operating room.
  • ENT rec

    We have worked with Dr Scott Rickert at NYU and found him to be very good. We ended up transferring care because of the rarity of my son's diagnosis, but our first few appointments with him were a HUGE improvement over the prior ENT we had seen at ENT & Allergy associates. NYU radiology was also great and showed they cared about how to make the experience as pleasant as possible for our baby.
  • Pediatric ENT?

    We've been to Dr. Scott Rickert at NYU Langone and really liked him. He has little ones too and takes more of a hands off approach. Highly recommend.
  • Tongue Procedures and Doctors - please share your wisdom!

    My son had a tongue tie that we got corrected at NYU when he was 8 days old. We had a great experience with their staff and Dr. Scott Rickert. I held him while the doctor and PA applied a topical numbing cream and snipped his frenulum. The whole experience was well under 5 minutes. He didn’t love it, but seemed more bothered by the number of hands in his mouth than anything else, and was over it and sleeping within another 5 minutes. There was very minimal bleeding. My doula compared the feeling to getting your ears pierced. He fussed about the same amount when he got his Hep B shot. It it will make breastfeeding so much better!
  • 2018 Review

    My son had his adenoids out. Surgery was the last course of action and not an immediate go-to, which we liked. My daughter is also a patient now. I agree about the great bedside manner and how happy we are with having him as our kids' ENT.
  • 2018 Review

    We have had great success with Dr. Rickert at NYU Langone. It ultimately resulted in surgery on tonsils, adenoids, and insertion of ear tubes but he was incredibly thorough leading up to that. He has a great bedside manner and we are pleased with the results.
  • [Winter2017Babies] ENT Recommendation

    We saw Dr Scott Rickert for Ryan’s tongue tie and loved!!! his practice and rapport. Two thumbs up!
  • Summary & thanks re: ped ENT recs

    If you don't end up finding someone you like in the area, we love our son's ENT - Dr. Scott Rickert at NYU. My son was diagnosed with laryngomalacia at around the same age and we saw Dr. Rickert for his monitoring throughout.” "He's not in the neighborhood but I highly recommend Scott Rickert at NYU. He has been amazing with my 3 year old son who has swollen adenoids. His bedside manner is incredible - my son actually enjoys going to see him! And he is extremely conservative with treatment plans, not wanting to rush towards drastic measures such as surgery
  • looking for ENT with available appointments

    We have also been to Dr. Rickert. You have to take an appointment through his service, which will be months from now. You will tell them you'd like to be put on a wait list for an earlier appointment, then someone from his office will call you back and tell you when they can "squeeze you in", usually within a couple days.
  • looking for ENT with available appointments

    I have taken my toddler son to Scott Ricket. He is affiliated with NYU. His number is 646-501-7890. I am not sure if there is a wait to get an apt.
  • Thanks for the Pediatric ENT recommendations

    We recommend Dr. Scott Rickert (NYU). He is a skilled doctor and a dad of a young child as well. Great bedside manner. We trusted him to do our son's surgery. (Reviewed April 2015)
  • ENT for kids

    We just saw Dr. Rickert at NYU for my son and loved him.