Sasha McDowell - epicycle group
Sasha McDowell - epicycle group


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Reviews (3)

  • Career transition coach to move from non-profit to for-profit careers

    I highly recommend Sasha McDowell from Epicycle Group. I hired her last year and have since left my middle manager nonprofit job to work in a different sector. She has worked in nonprofit & corporate jobs and now has her own business, so she can guide you from various vantage points. For me, it was important that my coach understand the experience of working in nonprofits since it is hard to explain if you haven't been in this space. She also has a social work background and I appreciated her clinical insights. She really guided me in the process of figuring out next steps at a time when I was feeling very burned out and adrift. I opted for one-on-one coaching but she also offers group coaching.
  • Career coach

    I highly recommend Sasha McDowell. I found her on PSP and have loved working with her through my own career transformation. (September 2019)
  • ISO: Career Coach

    Sasha McDowell is great. She specializes in parents looking for fulfilling careers while balancing life with children.