Sarah Trance, MS, LMFT
Sarah Trance, MS, LMFT


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  • Manhattan-based marriage counselor

    Even though our relationship is pretty strong and we had already been through a lot together, my husband and I hit a rough patch during Covid (both of us working from home while caring for two kids, no time to ourselves - just awesome). We started seeing Sarah Trance ( via Zoom (I'm actually not sure exactly where she is based) and it helped us tremendously. She helped us to work past the same fight that we had over and over and hear each other more clearly - as a result we are in a much better place. We paid out of pocket, and I'm not sure if she's doing in-person appointments. The Zoom meetings from home actually turned out to be good for both of our work schedules (we didn't have the added time commitment of traveling to and from an office).