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Sara Klar


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  • kitchen designer?

    I found Sara Klar extremely helpful for kitchen design and big-picture planning on best use of space, she helped me make important structural and design decisions that my architect and other helpers weren't able to figure out, and since we use our kitchen daily we reap the benefits daily, going on 7 years now -
  • 2019 Review

    Sara was incredibly helpful in my kitchen renovation. I already had a contractor but needed design help, and Sara was available at short notice to come to my apartment, see the space, and talk through the design with me and the contractor who would be building the cabinets. She was very thoughtful and had good ideas about where everything should go and how the kitchen should be set up. She was so easy to talk to, and worked well with the contractor. I really appreciated her flexibility, her eye for details, and her advice on what to think about next in terms of the design. I've never renovated a kitchen before and her guidance was much appreciated - I'm so excited to see what it looks like when it's done!
  • Recommendation for Sara Klar, interior designer

    I can second this rec! She helped us redo a kitchen and living room. Completely transformed the space- making it seem so much bigger with creative storage solutions. She has a great eye and really cares about her work and clients
  • Recommendation for Sara Klar, interior designer

    We hired Sara to redesign our kitchen and living area, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results! We went from having a dark, awkward room with a lot of clutter to having a space that feels lighter, larger and has a ton more storage. And our kitchen, which once had room for a single person, now has space for two people working on a meal at the same time. Why work with Sara? She's both creative and extremely detail-oriented. She really understood how we used our space and then designed something that exactly addressed our needs in ways that we never would have thought of ourselves. She did more than we thought possible with our little apartment. Also, working with Sara was a breeze. She's a great listener and has existing relationships with contractors, cabinet-makers, etc. She managed those relationships during construction and was able to ensure high-quality results in a reasonable amount of time. We didn't experience any of the renovation horror stories we'd heard could be possible, which was a great relief. If you're looking for an experienced interior designer, we'd definitely recommend working with Sara Klar.
  • review for interior designer/decorator

    We have had an incredible experience working with Sara Klar. She is an amazing interior designer (and visual artist). She totally transformed our home into a bright, elegant, livable, gorgeous environment. She suggested changes to our home that we would have never come up with on our own that were transformative. Sara is highly collaborative and worked very closely with us to achieve our goals. She was also able to function as an informal contractor in that she found excellent painters and a carpenter to work with us as well. She is honest, straightforward and a pleasure to be around. We highly recommend her.
  • ISO Interio Designer

    We are working on a similar project (old house, new kitchen, super-tight budget) and we hired Sara Klar after reading many positive recommendations on PSP list. Our budget really is tiny, but Sara is working with us every step of the way to meet it. We pay her hourly and she works with a great architect and found us an affordable contractor -- she manages both to keep quality high and our costs down. We have found Sara to be honest, insightful, a creative problem solver and a joy to work with -- I keep telling her she would make a great couples therapist if she ever gets weary of interior design! We are about to move to the construction stage, and we are extremely happy so far.
  • Reviews of/referrals to contractors - Home Renovation (summary)

    interior design, awesome, turned the kitchen project around. Works on a project or hourly basis which really helped
  • Review for Park Slope Parents - Sara Klar

    We recently used Sara Klar for her services of refashioning what we have in our apartment to make it a more livable and enjoyable space. We moved to Brooklyn recently from outside the state, and had been struggling with how to deal with such a small space compared to what we were used to. Sara did an amazing job of working with both my husband and I to sort out what was really important to us, and to have our living space be something that we are thrilled with. She listened, provided suggestions and solutions, moved furniture around - and when she left our apartment glowed!!! I highly recommend her for any kind of interior design solution you are looking for. She can work with what you already have, or she can work with you to discover what you want to have that would be great in your place. She is a native of NYC and knows the whole area really well, and has great resources to provide!! You will love working with her!
  • Reference for an interior designer

    I’d like to recommend Sara Klar, who designed a gut renovation of the kitchen, laundry room, and pantry in our Victorian house in Ditmas Park. (She also has extensive experience working on small apartments.) She was knowledgeable about every aspect of designing the space to function well – the technical, the organizational, the aesthetic. She re-configured the 3 spaces to make that area of the house much more useful, and our new kitchen now feels like a “great room” even though we made no changes to the overall footprint. Because the kitchen is now so beautiful and feels so spacious and airy, it has increased the amount of time our teenagers hang out with us in the kitchen. Priceless. She is very detail-oriented, has a great eye, and works with her own architect. She helped us choose a neighborhood contractor who had old-house experience and thus was better suited to the job than the contractor she uses for her Manhattan jobs. She is quick to respond to e-mails and phone calls. She was in tune with our goal to not waste money on name-brands if we could get high-quality items for less. We are thrilled with the results of this project. We have no other affiliation with her apart from being happy customers.