Sands Atlantic Beach
Sands Atlantic Beach


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Reviews (2)

  • 2019 Summer Camp Review

    They swim twice a day and the camp location is on the beach. My 3 kids are obsessed with it and have had an amazing experience for the past two summers. The staff is great and the setting is beautiful. The swim program, in particular, is very strong. You don't need to be a member of the beach club for your kids to attend camp there. What would you change? There's a bus from Manhattan but no bus from Brooklyn.
  • Shout-out to a great beach club

    We belong to the Sands Atlantic Beach beach club and it’s really amazing. It’s around 45-70 minutes from Park Slope (depending when you go, mornings are best). You can rent a cabana or shower cabin and you will have a cabana boy who will set up your chairs/umbrella for you (and can also deliver food to you at your chair at the beach). Unlike some clubs, there is no “membership fee” or nonsense like having members vouch for you. You can bring in food and drinks (many places make you buy it all from them.) It’s just a very chill, old-school atmosphere. It’s probably too late for camp this year (the second session just began) but the camp is particularly incredible—swim twice a day and tons of beach games and activities—and very inexpensive ($2200 for all 6 weeks) compared to Brooklyn camps. There’s currently a camp bus from Manhattan and I’m sure one could be arranged from Brooklyn if there was interest for next year. They pro-rate so you could join say, tomorrow just in time for the heatwave, and only pay the cost until Labor Day. This is the price list for the whole summer: I don’t know what they have left at various price points but worth a call. I have no connection to the club other than waking up everyday happy to be going there. It’s only our second year and we wish we hadn’t waited so long to join. There are several families from Park Slope and I hope to see more.