Sam's Air Conditioning
Sam's Air Conditioning
  • Staten Island


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Reviews (3)

  • ISO company that does maintenance for boilers AND ductless mini split AC?

    Call Sam at Sam's Air Conditioning on Staten Island. He is the absolute best.
  • Looking for an Air Conditioning Maintenance service

    Sam's Air Conditioning is fabulous. They've done both installation and maintenance for us over the last 10 years. Sam is a real trouble-shooter and a straight-shooter. His prices are a little higher than others but the quality is superb.
  • ISO Sam's Air Conditioning Recommendations

    We used Sam's about 6 years ago when our poorly installed (I think Fujitsu) unit stopped working. At first we called Sam for a repair but after a lot of detective work, Sam discovered that the piping had been incorrectly installed and would have had to be taken out, with new piping installed through difficult channels. In the end we decided to just upgrade to Mitsubishi. Sam's estimate was only a little more expensive than others we got, but we decided to go with him because of his communication skills, professionalism and total knowledge. His crew did a fabulous job, the job site was cleaned every day and his crew was very professional. We've had zero problems with our unit. Because of laziness on our part, we didn't keep up with cleaning the interior and Sam called this year to ask if we'd been doing that. He gave us a very reasonable estimate to clean both our units - and it was a dirty job. Nonetheless, everything was kept clean and again, his crew was really knowledgeable and professional.