Sam Romas - Above and Beyond Pest Management (formerly of Gotcha Pest Control)
Sam Romas - Above and Beyond Pest Management (formerly of Gotcha Pest Control)


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    I'd highly, highly, highly recommend Sam of Above and Beyond Pest Management
  • Exterminator recommendation: Above and Beyond Pest Management

    After 10+ years in our apartment, I saw a mouse dart out of my kitchen yesterday morning. After looking on PSP, I called Sam, formerly of Gotcha Pest Control and currently at Above and Beyond Pest Management. He just left and I wanted to echo all the positive reviews I read. He is personable, professional, and thorough. He was able to give me a quick appointment, put bait inside the holes and plug them in a quick and efficient manner. He offered me piece of mind and a 90-day warranty, where he comes back within 24 hours if there is an issue. I have no affiliation, just wanted to share a very positive experience for someone who can tolerate almost anything, except mice.
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    Sam will find the holes and seal them AND is interested in non-toxic methods of eliminating mice. (Feb 2012)
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    Just wanted to say that we used Gotcha THREE times, and while they plugged up holes and used poison and were awesome, the mice kept coming. We also did peppermint oil/cotton balls. I put steel wool everywhere on earth I could think of. Oh, and we used plenty of mouse traps and poison ourselves too. Nothing worked. For TWO YEARS, we had mice off and on. Disgusting. Then we cat-sat a friend's cat for one week. The cat caught no mice, but she walked around the apartment but I brushed her and got a bunch of cat hair and threw it all behind our stove (which is where the mice were coming in, I believe) and it's been months without a single mouse. So if you're truly desperate and do not want to own a cat, try borrowing a cat for a week. I'm overjoyed at the results from our one-week catsitting gig. (Feb 2012)
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    I can also recommend Sam Ramos for the same thing - he just plugged a hole, he didn't do poison which was our priority since we have cats and kid. (I should mention that our cats didn't catch the mouse/mice since said mice were in an upstairs apartment in our house and we didn't have the problem, our neighbor did on just one floor - apparently they had chewed through a wall behind his stove from neighboring row houses and until the hole got plugged they had mobility, but never went down a flight to us, go figure - our cats (but not we) would have been thrilled if the problem traveled to us, based on our experience in a prior apartment where we had a day or two where we had to rescue a few poor critters and put them outside to avoid their being playthings to our cats, I didn't want to watch a mouse get killed by batting and biting, it seemed cruel) (Feb 2012)
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    We have had [a problem with] squirrels. We use Gotcha Pest Control. Sam Ramos is responsive and guaranties his work. (September, 2010)