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Salvation Army


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  • donating furniture

    We’ve scheduled pickups from Salvation Army in the past. They will pick up furniture/clothing/etc and have an online form where you can schedule & itemize what you want picked up (sofa, bag of clothes, etc). Availability is often 3-4 weeks out, so might not work if you’re looking to donate ASAP.
  • ISO Somewhere to donate toys and books

    I’ve used the NYC Donate app recently, and only found one place that takes toys donation in the area: Salvation Army on Atlantic Ave.
  • Clothes Donations

    There is a Salvation Army on Flatbush and Bergen. Donation drop off hours are I believe 10:30 to 5:30 Monday to Saturday. You just drop your bags off in the back room and ask at the counter for a tax deduction receipt you fill out yourself--quick and easy.
  • Re: Looking for easy donation drop-off

    Although their building is in contract as a development site (ugh), the Salvation Army depot in Clinton Hill is easy, easy, easy. You can pull right in front and the employees will approach you, take your stuff, and offer a form for a write-your-own receipt.. 22 Quincy St., open Mon-Sat 10-7. It is the last (first?) block of Quincy St. You can get there via Gates Ave. to Downing St. (between Grand and Classon) or Classon just north of Gates.
  • Re: Furniture Donations (Where the Agency will pick up?)

    I've also had bad experiences with Salvation Army. They showed up, didn't have proper dollies, dragged the furniture through the basement and absolutely destroyed the pieces...then abandoned everything and left. I had to tip someone to remove it. Not cool at all.
  • Re: Furniture Donations (Where the Agency will pick up?)

    Salvation Army will pick up, but if your experience is like ours, they will schedule the appointment for several weeks out, and when they do come, they will threaten to drive away and abandon the whole mission if they have to double-park (which they obviously will have to do), will not carry anything up or down any stairs.