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Salon Bohemia


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Reviews (7)

  • ISO: Someone to style little girl's hair for special occasion

    Contact Salon Bohemia on 7th Ave. We’ve used Latoya. My kiddo adores her…and there’s a great candy store across the street.
  • Hair Salon/Barber for Toddler

    Salon Bohemia on 7th Avenue does all hair types. Our niece, who is Black, and our child who is mixed white/Indian with curly hair, have both gone there. They did great with our kid's first haircut at 2 years old! They really know how to work with kids.
  • Curly girl hair advice/salon needed!

    I've found that everyone at Salon Bohemia (7th Ave & 15th Street) is really great with curly hair. I see Wendy, but one of the junior stylists has cut my almost-4-yr-old's curly locks and did a fantastic job as well!
  • [Fall2016babies] Help! I need hairdresser recommendations!

    Salon Bohemia in the South Slope is great. I have long hair and get a haircut about once a year. My stylist is Karen and she is amazing- laughs at my lack of upkeep and always gives an amazing cut and style. It will cost around $80 without tip. Worth it to sit, have a cup of coffee or wine, get a head massage, and enjoy.
  • Haircut

    Salon Bohemia is great with children. ($40 or so) Also the corner barber on 7th Ave and Prospect Ave does great work- they get men, women and children (although most of the customers are men and boys) they really cut well. ($15)
  • [PSPTweens] re: ISO hair stylist

    Salon Bohemia on 7th, love Nicole!!
  • (no subject)

    I just got a haircut on Sunday from Racquel at Salon Bohemia. I've never gotten so many compliments on a haircut in my life. (Recommended 01/09)