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  • ISO: Hairstylist who helped hide postpartum hair regrowth

    Salon718 in Brooklyn has a terrific group of stylists with many specialties. The salons are meticulous with Covid restrictions. The spaces are thoroughly cleaned by the stylists, masks and temps are mandatory and staff is tested regularly. All clients are given individual robes, etc. I have been very careful all year and chose them to resume hair care a couple of months ago. Amongst the stylists Faith is a Trichologist (a person who specializes in hair and scalp) and Jenn has worked with a lot of moms. Salon718 is woman owned local business with decent prices and top talent.
  • ISO great local cut & color

    I absolutely adore Sunshine from the Salon 718. Multiple locations now, so call first to find out which place/days she is at ( Fort Green, DeKalb Av, Underhill St) I only have to go to see her 1-2x a year as her cuts grow out super nicely. I am about to do color for the first time after i have my baby. ( my gray has finally begun to show!! Hahaha) Good luck!
  • hair salon open sunday

    Salon 718. It now has 3 location ( Dekalb, Underhill and Fort Greene). I always go to Sunshine-- she's amazing! The owner Michaela is also good, but very busy!! (Review submitted May 2016)
  • Great Hair stylist in the Slope: Summary and thanks

    Michela at Salon 718 is great at this very issue. I love the layered cuts she's given me and they last months. They have a salon on Vanderbilt.
  • Best hairdresser in the Slope?

    I absolutely love Sunshine from Salon 718. Last year or so They moved to Dekalb but she's worth the trek. Her cuts last me about 6 months, since 2-3x/year is all I can budget for. She's friendly, stays in top of her trade, gives great advice how to make your hair looking great etc.
  • Re: ISO good haircut

    i am also a big supporter of salon 718. my hairstylist is Sunshine and she charges me $60 (got long hair). she does wonders to my hair!!!!
  • Re: ISO good haircut

    I like really Michaela's cuts at Salon 718 on DeKalb near Flatbush. She is the owner and her rates are a little more than you want to pay, but I understand there are other good stylists there in that range.
  • (no subject)

    I am totally unaffiliated with Salon 718. Just a happy customer. I used to think I had to go to Manhattan to get a fantastic haircut. But with a young baby, that became nearly impossible! So I discovered Salon 718 about 6 months ago and have had several fantastic haircuts (and blowouts!) since. I highly recommend the salon, and the owner, Michaella, is a local mom, and a gifted stylist. June 2012
  • (no subject)

    Not sure if Michaella does dry cuts, but I would check out Salon 718 on Bergen Street. I've seen her do great cuts with all kinds of hair. She has years of experience working in salons and teaching and really seems to know her stuff. She also offers a 10% discount for PSP on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-2pm. Check out her website or call 718 623 6153. Check out the reviews on PSP too. Michaella is a local mom. I came to the salon about a year ago as Michaella is friends with someone I know through a mommy/baby group.
  • (no subject)

    I recommend Michaella at Salon 718! She's great and has had many years of experience as a stylist. She's a local mom with her own business in Prospect Heights on Bergen Street. Costs are reasonable. See or call 718 623 6153. (September 2011)
  • (no subject)

    Finally got my long overdue post-baby haircut and have to recommend Salon 718. Not only is Michaela amazing with straight, curly, color or whatever but I got a totally cool cut while my baby was with me! (I'm not affiliated with the salon just a huge fan of Brooklyn salon owner and local mom Michaela). also PSP cardmembers also get 10% off between 10 and 12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (September 2011)
  • my husband needs a haircut!

    My better half had a first haircut with Michaella yesterday. The cut looks great! Prices were reasonable ($35). I made an appointment for myself for this Friday. Cuts for women are a bit more.
  • (no subject)

    I love my hairdresser Michaela who runs Salon 718. She has cut hair in fancy Manhattan Salons. Over the 3+ years I've known her, I've been amazed by the range of hair types she can cut, color and style - really all ages and ethnicities. She is versatile producing edgy hip cuts or more conservative looks. Her salon has a friendly neighborly atmosphere and i look forward to my appointments where i can chat with the other ladies over a glass of wine.