Rus Garofalo - Brass Taxes
Rus Garofalo - Brass Taxes



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  • Do you love your tax preparer?

    I love love love Brass Taxes: I actually just finished up my annual meeting with them and find them so personable and easygoing that it can weirdly be fun (I use Caroline Creaghead but I've heard great things about everyone there). They are technically Brooklyn-based but now do all their appointments via video conference. They specialize in freelancers, but I file jointly with my W2-earning husband and they're always able to work it all out with me (including all kinds of weird, complicated stuff). They have a sliding scale based on your income, how complicated the filing is, and how early you file. I have found them to be very reasonably priced, plus they are always happy to answer follow-up questions throughout the year.
  • Re: Tax Advisor

    I have had a good experience for many years with Rus Garofalo at Brass Taxes.