Run4Fun, Inc.
Run4Fun, Inc.


Through running and socio-emotional learning, Run4Fun promotes positive mental health and well-being, empowering youth to grow and thrive. Run4Fun serves over 2000 youth in NYC after-school and during school coupling life-skills, running, and active running games. We embrace children’s communities as partners in their development and success.

Reviews (2)

  • Fun afterschool running program needs 3rd-5th graders

    My kids have been part of R4F for the last five years and we really enjoy the program. It is completely outdoors, but if it's stormy weather they cancel and either extend the season or offer makeups. it's a great way to get kids moving in the fresh air in a fun way (a lot of the "running" is in the form of games). They even take them sledding if there is snow on the ground! No affiliation, just a happy parent. They offer pickup at many schools and we have found it affordable compared to some other programs ($432 for 9 weeks). The founder is a lovely local mom.
  • Kids running clubs?

    I imagine you’re seeing Run4Fun, their pickup is at Jackrabbit. My son has done it with his buds for just over a year. They pick up at some local schools and at age 7 play lots of running son is constantly coming home talking about capture the flag.