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Reviews (10)

  • Kids' stylist for curly hair?

    I would not recommend Rapunzel Rapunzel on 5th.....
  • ISO: new place for kids haircuts

    Rose at Rapunzel Rapunzel on 5th ave is wonderful with my son, who has some sensory issues. Rose understands children and talks with them respectfully but with a sense of fun, explaining everything as she goes so there are no surprises. She is also absolutely fine with my son hanging out and playing with his toys while I get my hair done (waiting for his cut) and this lead in also helps him to feel comfortable. We tried “kids’ hairdressers” when my son was a toddler, but they were too over stimulating, and my son responded better to being talked through what was happening than being distracted from it by screens etc.
  • Good place for kids AND adults haircut

    Rapunzel Rapunzel salon on 5th Ave and Degraw. Rose is fantastic and cuts both my and my daughter’s hair!
  • ISO - Affordable hair salon for curly hair

    I go to and highly recommend Rapunzel Rapunzel on 5th Ave! Mark cuts my hair and he’s helped me grow out some length and always puts in nice layers. I think it’s been $65 for a cut. I had years of subpar cuts from other stylists specializing in curly hair all around the city, and Rapunzel is the best! It’s also a very friendly place, and last time I was there all the staff had been vaccinated.
  • Curly Haircut?

    Have you tried Rapunzel Rapunzel in the North Slope? I usually go to Manhattan, but one time when my stylist threw her back out, I got a cut there (from Rose) and it was good.
  • Curly girl hair advice/salon needed!

    Absolutely love Rose at Rapunzel on 5th ave! I went to her last week due to recommendations from this list and I’m very very happy! I’m mixed so my curly hair sometimes has multiple styles at once when it gets long. She gave me a cut that complements my face and I now have beautiful ringlets instead of a frizzy fuzz mess. Very reasonable price! Much much cheaper than diva Chan and a waaaay better result.
  • Curly girl hair advice/salon needed!

    Rose at Rapunzel on 5th ave did a really great job with our curly haired girl.
  • ISO: Curly Hair Stylist (for Adult)

    I have short curly hair, and I had a very good cut last fall from Rose at Rapunzel Rapunzel, on 5th Ave between Lincoln and St. Johns Place
  • (no subject)

    Rose is the owner and cuts and colors my hair. Just did it all today for $98 total. And she totally gets my curly hair and what the humidity can do ...If you ask, she will use an organic color that doesn't make you smell like an ammonia factory (I know non-food products aren't yet certified organic but you get the idea). (reviewed august 2010)
  • (no subject)

    I'm in the chair right now at Rapunzel Rapunzel in 5th Av. Rose the owner does great color and curly cuts.