Root & Spark - Yael Borensztein and Elizabeth Perez
Root & Spark - Yael Borensztein and Elizabeth Perez


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Reviews (2)

  • Review from the 2020 Birthing Experience Survey

    Incredible Doula. Brought her knowledge of me to the room and remembered the things I said that irritated me. Most importantly, grabbed my kids when the time was right so they could watch their baby brother be born.
  • Doula recs?

    We highly recommend Yael Borensztein. We used her for both deliveries (first labor was 45 hours and second was a near miss delivering in the hospital but we would have totally trusted this woman in a backseat of a car service delivery - if it had to have come to it - that labor just progressed very quickly). Yael takes the time to really listen to thoughts, concerns, and hopes of both parents, coaches well to the partner, offers a great wealth of medical knowledge (she is also a post-partum nurse in the hospital setting), and is great in her follow-up services as a lactation consultant. She recently started a partnership a bit over a year ago, and here is her info.