Robin Berger
Robin Berger


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Reviews (10)

  • Accountant recommendations

    We have been working with Robin Berger ( for the last three years for our small business and personal taxes. She’s really great and easy to work with. She also has a bookkeeper on staff who is very knowledgeable and helps with our bookkeeping.
  • Small business accountant

    Robin Berger is wonderful! This is our third year working with her on our business and personal taxes.
  • Small business accountant

    As always, I highly recommend Robin Berger. She is my accountant and that of many of my clients - including business owners on this email list. She is great.
  • Tax accountant recommendations

    A second recommendation for Robin Berger! She and her team have been incredible for my business. She is truly a gem. And she has been so helpful and generous with her time supporting my business through the endless new tax and other financial issues with the pandemic.
  • Tax accountant recommendations

    Comment: I have recommended her countless times here but I’ll do it again - Robin Berger is fantastic. She works with me and many of my clients - including ones that are self-employed, have small businesses, etc.. Plus, she’s just great to work with. Good luck! And Happy New Year!
  • Accountant Recommendation?

    I always recommend Robin Berger when people ask. I work with her, many of my clients do, and she is consistently great. (October 2019)
  • Accountant for small business?

    She IS great! Seriously! We used her and not only paid her a fee but sent a nice bottle of wine we loved her so much!
  • Accountant for small business?

    Robin Berger is great. Her team also does bookkeeping. Best of luck! 203-966-2614
  • Accountant Rec

    I’m a big fan of robin Berger. She’s helped me and quite a few clients - including business owners. Everyone has been happy w her.
  • 2018 Review

    I recommend Robin Berger. She is great and has experience with small business clients. I work with her as do many of my clients.