Robin Adler
Robin Adler


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Reviews (2)

  • ISO the 'right' PTSD/infidelity therapist

    Robin Adler is in Brooklyn (South Slope) and does EMDR. She’s absolutely fantastic.
  • Re: [ANONYMOUS] Need really (really) good couples therapist

    My husband and I had really enjoying working with Robin Adler. I'm not sure that our issues were the same as yours, but overall she was wonderful- a great listener, kind, and most importantly gave actual constructive feedback. She also met with each of us individually once to assess our attachment personalities, which helped us understand why we relate to each other in the ways that we do. We probably had around eight sessions with her, and then felt that our issues were resolved. It wasn't covered by insurance but she helped us so much, I think it was worth every penny. Best of luck!!